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Each year, the Bonn Applied English Linguistics chair hosts a conference during the summer semester. Aimed specifically at postgraduate, PhD, and post-doc students, with an emphasis on pragmatics and other areas of applied linguistics, the conference is a place where young linguists can showcase their empirical research projects and network with other researchers in the field.

previous bael conferences

c9 buttondigital pragmatics & cmc

conference location: online, via Zoom

keynote speakerJonathan Culpeper, Lancaster University

More information on the BAELc9

c8 button

language assessment

June 28th-29th, 2019

keynote speaker: Carsten Roever, University of Melbourne

discussion panel: Bringing pragmatics into the classroom: Prospects for language teaching and testing, with teachers Marja Meinl, Timo Brede, and Anne Nickel

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language learning and teaching

May 4th-5th, 2018

keynote speakers: Susanne Niemeier (Koblenz) and Christopher J. Hall (York)

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variation in discourse

May 12th-13th, 2017

keynote speaker: Jo Angouri (University of Warwick)

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language use, culture and politeness

June 3rd-4th, 2016

keynote speaker: Helen Spencer-Oatey (University of Warwick)

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variation in language and communication

June 19th-20th, 2015

keynote speaker: Andreas H. Jucker (University of Zurich)

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intercultural communication

May 23rd-24th, 2014

keynote speaker: Anne Barron (Leuphana University, Lüneburg)

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 variational pragmatics

June 7th-8th, 2013

keynote speaker: Markus Bieswanger (University of Bayreuth)

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pragmatics and beyond: investigating varieties, processes and functions of language

January 28th, 2012

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