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baelc1: first bonn applied english linguistics conference

The conference took place on Saturday, January 28th, from 10 - 17h in the Conference Room. The focus of the conference was "Pragmatics and Beyond – Investigating varieties, processes and functions of language."



10 am - 11 am

Linguistic relativity: A pragmatic perspective on a philosophical issue

Pawel Sickinger (Bonn)

11 am - 12 pm

The influence of L1 on second language writing processes

Esther Breuer (Cologne)

12 pm - 1 pm

Form and function of positive remarks: How speakers of American English evaluate their surroundings in everyday conversations

Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf (Bonn, Bochum)

2 pm - 3 pm

Impoliteness in Postcolonial Englishes: Focus on Kenya

Verena Minow (Bochum)

3 pm - 4 pm

A methodological comparison of directive speech acts in American and British English: Discourse completion tasks versus conversational data

Ilka Flöck (Oldenburg)

4 pm - 5 pm

Quantifying pragmatics: Building corpora to identify or verify form-function patterns

Gregor Geiermann (Bonn)


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