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gal research school for methods in empirical pragmatics

MeEP summer school

The GAL Research School for Methods in Empirical Pragmatics (MeEP) was a three-day summer school for Master's and PhD students in September 2016. Leading international researchers in pragmatics joined us to cover methodological aspects of various fields of enquiry.

The MeEP was targeted at young researchers, whether pondering on the design, struggling with putting the method into practice, or trying to deepen existing knowledge about working empirically in the field of pragmatics.

Participation served to enhance knowledge and abilities in all steps involved in the linguistic methodological process: Selecting the method most suitable to a project, collecting data, and coding and analysing them in a systematic way.

The MeEP was organised into sections by topic. Each section consisted of an input lecture and a workshop for hands-on practice. Click here to learn more about the contents of each section.


Input lecture + workshop

Each speaker gave an input lecture and told the participants about characteristics of their respective method. They described its potential, but also possible drawbacks to enable the participants to make a more informed choice when it came to their own projects.

At the same time, they learned about current and new developments in the field, as the speakers made reference to their own past, present and future research projects.

Following the lecture, each speaker hosted a workshop relating to the method they discussed. The idea of the workshop was for the participants to try out some tools under the supervision of an expert.

Individual advising sessions

We set aside time slots so our participants could get individual advice on their current project from one of our speakers.

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