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dr. tanja kohnen

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Preferred pronouns: she/her


+49 (0)228 73 4748


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Office hour

 by appointment, via zoom. 

Please email me and briefly state what you would like to discuss

Current research projects:

  • Language History & the EFL classroom
  • Early English in India
  • Religious language in Old & Middle English

Research interests:

  • Historical Pragmatics
  • Historical Sociolinguistics
  • Speech Act Theory
  • Corpora & Manuscripts
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Mood & Modality


books & editions

Rütten, Tanja. 2011. How to do things with texts. Patterns of instruction in religious discourse 1350-1700. (English Corpus Linguistics Band 12). Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang.

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articles (peer-reviewed)

Kohnen, Tanja & Thomas Kohnen (forthc.). “The language of religious texts”. In: Merja Kytö & Erik Smitterberg (eds.) The New Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol II: Documentation, Data Sources and Modelling. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Kohnen, Tanja (2020). "Ex historia lux: Sprachgeschichte, Sprachwandel und Englischunterricht". In: Böhnert, Katharina & Jessica Nowak (Hgg.) Sprachgeschichte in der Schule. Hohengehren: Schneider. 87-110.

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Rütten, Tanja. 2014. "Comparing apples and oranges - the study of diachronic change based on variant forms". In: Mergenthal, Silvia & Nischik, Reingard (Hgg.): Anglistentag 2013 Konstanz: Proceedings. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. 373-385.

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Kohnen, Thomas, Tanja Rütten and Ingvilt Marcoe, 2011. "Early Modern English religious prose: a conservative register?" Proceedings of ICAME 30, ed. by Sebastian Hoffmann, Paul Rayson and Geoffrey Leech, VARIENG e-journal.
Available at:

Rütten, Tanja. 2009. "A diachronic perspective on changing routines in texts." In: Andreas H. Jucker, Daniel Schreier and Marianne Hundt (eds.) Corpora: pragmatics and discourse. Papers from the 29th International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 63-82.

Rütten, Tanja, Ingvilt Marcoe, Kirsten Gather and Thomas Kohnen. 2008. The Corpus of English Religious Prose: Introduction.
Available at:


Kohnen, Tanja. 2021. "Lilo Moessner. 2020. The History of the Present English Subjunctive: A Corpus-Based Study of Mood and Modality. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, xx + 271 pp., 123 tables, 8 figures, £ 85.00." Anglia, vol. 139 (3), 584-587.

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