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dr. marja meinl

Phd project: ?ROTTEN SERVICE!!? or ?Nie wieder!!!!!!? ? British and German Electronic Complaints

 Online publication of Marja Meinl's phd thesis hosted by Bonn University

My research focuses on cross-cultural communication in written interaction on the Internet, so called "computer-mediated communication (CMC)" (HERRING 1996: 1). If you ever wondered whether Brits or Germans behave in the same way when giving negative feedback on online platforms such as eBay, my findings will give you interesting insights into cultural patterns inherent in those complaints.

Given my focus on a cross-cultural comparison, my research project is clearly based on studies conducted by, for instance, CLYNE et al. 1991; HOUSE 2000; HOUSE & KASPER 1981; MILLER 2000; MURPHY & NEU 1996; TYLER 1995, who revealed that different cultural norms of interactants can result in misunderstandings, communication breakdown, and/or the formation of stereotypes. The presence of cultural differences, together with the possibly arising negative consequences, have also been shown to hold true for the speech act of complaining (cf. COHEN & OLSHTAIN 1993; HOUSE & KASPER 1981; KRAFT & GELUYKENS 2002, 2004; MÖHL 1996; MURPHY & NEU 1996; NAKABACHI 1996; OLSHTAIN & WEINBACH 1987, 1993; TROSBORG 1995). However, these studies have focused on spoken interaction only, hence leaving a large research gap I would like to contribute to by analysing data of CMC, a rather new modality of language, whose importance is rapidly growing.

Apart from its worth for research on CMC, my study is further significant for three major reasons. Firstly, it is central for the improvement of cross-cultural communication. Secondly, it makes a valuable contribution to intercultural language in use. And finally, the results of my study are fundamental for interlanguage research on German learners’ of English, since the knowledge of native speakers’ cultural norms is an essential prerequisite for further in-depth analyses of learners’ interlanguage and thus the production of effective teaching materials.


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