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lionel sango, m.a., researcher

 Lionel 1


Phone:+49 (0)228-73-7593

office hour (via zoom)

My office hours will take place on Monday 12-1pm -- Please register in advance via email.


research interests

> Pragmatics
> Contact Languages (Pidgins and Creoles)
> Postcolonial Englishes (African English Varieties)
> Sociolinguistics
> English for Specific Purpose (Aviation English)


phd project

 "The speech act (events) of apology in urban Cameroon" [working title]



Winter 2020/2021: Applied Linguistics: An Overview (M.A., Übung)

Summer 2020: Contact Languages (B.A., Übung)

Summer 2020: Pidgins and Creoles (B.A., Übung)


 Short CV

since Dec. 2019: Research Assistant (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter)
2016-2018: Student of Masters in Intercultural Anglophone Studies (English Linguistics) at the University of Bayreuth
2017-2018: Student-editorial assistant of the annual "Newsletter of African Studies" (NAB Vol. XVII 2017), Institute of African Studies (IAS) Bayreuth
2016-2017: Student Assistant of PD. Dr. Eric Anchimbe, Private Dozent, English Linguistics 1, University of Bayreuth
2014-2015: Student of Masters 1 in English Linguistics (maîtrise 1) at the University of Yaounde 1, Kamerun
2014-2015: Seasonal tutor of English language at English High School (EHS) Yaounde, Kamerun
2010-2013: Student of English Language studies (B.A) at the University of Buea, Kamerun


> Afrika@school
> Model African Union Bayreuth (MAU)

talks and workshops


"Beyond offense severity – exploring the impact of social variables as explanatory factors for apology strategies in urban Cameroon." Presentation at the 16. Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende (StaPS), Vienna, Austria, September 2020 (online).

"The speech act (events?) of apology in urban Cameroon – clearing the path for a PhD project via insights from a pre-pilot study." Presentation at the Research Day, Bonn, Germany, July 2020 (online).

"Sprache und Kultur in Kamerun" Workshop leiter at the Projektwoche: Afrikatag at Gymnasium Ernestinum, Coburg, Germany, July 2019.

"The Representation of foreign/religious Concepts in the local Ecology in the 'Gud Nyus fo ol Pipul. Nyu Testamen fo Pidgin' Bible Translation. Postcolonial Translation workshop, Bayreuth, Germany, August 2017.


Sango, Lionel (2018). The Elaboration of Cameroon Pidgin English through Bible Translation: A study of Gud Nyus fo ol Pipul. Nyu Testamen fo Pidgin. Unpublished Master's dissertation, University of Bayreuth.
Sango, Lionel (2013). Sexism and Language use in African Written Expressions: the case of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Unpublished Bachelor's dissertation, University of Buea, Kamerun
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