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dr. stefanie rottschäfer

 rottschäfer new big

Preferred pronouns: she/her


Phone:+49 (0)228 73 4748

office hour

Monday 4-5pm via Zoom – please send me an email beforehand.


research project:


job opportunities:

  • Werkverträge: transcription and translation of multilingual dinner table conversations. You can find more information about the needed languages here.

research interests

  • Phonetics/Phonology
  • Sociolinguistics
  • English as a lingua franca
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Varieties of English


winter 2020/2021

BA: Introduction to Language and Communication Studies (Lecture)

summer 2020

BA: Bilingualism (Übung)

winter 2019/2020

BA: Sociophonetics (Seminar, Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

winter 2018/2019

MA: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (Übung)

MA: Vowels and Consonants (Seminar)

MA: Vowels and Consonants (Übung)

BA: Sociophonetics (Seminar)

BA: Sociophonetics (Übung)      

summer 2018

BA: English as a lingua franca (Übung)

BA: Language in culture and cognition (Übung)

BA: English as a lingua franca (Übung)

BA: Phonetic aspects of learner language (Übung)

MA: Identity and language attitudes (Seminar)

MA: Identity and language attitudes (Übung)

winter 2017/2018

BA: Theories and models of second language acquisition (Seminar)

BA: Theories and models of second language acquisition (Übung)

BA: Sociolinguistics (Seminar)

BA: Sociolinguistics (Übung)

MA: Accents of English language learners (Seminar)

MA: Accents of English language learners (Übung)

MA: Lingua franca communication (Seminar)

MA: Lingua franca communication (Übung)

summer 2016

BA: Accents of English (Seminar)

winter 2015/2016

BA: English sounds and sound systems (Übung)

summer 2015

BA: English-German language contact and crosslinguistic transfer (Seminar)

BA: Academic writing (Übung)

winter 2014/2015

BA: English sounds and sound systems (Übung)

BA: Academic writing (Übung)

summer 2014

BA: English as a lingua franca (Seminar)

BA: Academic writing (Übung)

winter 2013/2014

BA: World Englishes (Seminar)

BA: Academic writing (Übung)

BA: Studying in English (Übung)


Rottschäfer, S. (2018). Accent and Identity in Learner Varieties of English. Berlin: Peter Lang.  

Rottschäfer, S. (2020). A narrative approach to investigating the dynamics of language learning, multilingualism, and identity in Taiwan - Mark Fifer Seilhamer, Gender, Neoliberalism and Distinction through Linguistic Capital. Taiwanese Narratives of Struggle and Strategy. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2019. Pp: vi + 220. Hardback £99.95, ISBN 978-1-78892-301-9. English Today, 1–3. 


„Attitudes towards accents of ‘central’ and ‘peripheral’ Englishes in Uganda“ with Christiane Meierkord at the IAWE conference in Limerick 21/06/2019

„Accent and identity in learner varieties of English: A study with German and French university students in an English as a lingua franca setting“ at GAL-Sektionentagung in Frankfurt/Oder, 25/09/2015

„Aussprache und Identität in Lernervarietäten des Englischen: Eine Studie mit deutschen und französischen Studierenden im Kontext des Englischen als lingua franca“ at Kolloquium zur Mehrsprachigkeitsforschung, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 19/02/2015

„Language identity and phonetic aspects of interlanguages: the self-awareness of German and French ELF speakers” Poster presentation at the Language and Super-diversity Conference in Jyväskylä 06/06/2013

„Sprachidentität und phonetische Aspekte von Lernersprachen: die Selbstwahrnehmung deutscher und französischer Studierender im ELF-Umfeld“ DGFF-Nachwuchstagung in Jena, 04/09/2012

„Starterkurs – Module zur Förderung der studiumsbezogenen Englischkompetenz“ with Annelie Knapp at the MuMiS conference in Siegen, 19/11/2010

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