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Date: Sep 30, 2022

bael is saying goodbye BAEL has to say goodbye to many (many!) people this month.

Sadly, Dr. Tanja Kohnen who joined us only last year is leaving. She has been a wonderful addition to this department and we would like to thank her for her commitment and hard work.

Our lovely student mentor of two years, Lea Rostock, has found a job in the real world and we wish her all the best. The mentor positon will be taken up by Swantje Leiting and Alina Schuster.

After three years in Bonn, our dear collegue Lionel Sango will be pursuing his phd in Heidelberg. We wish him good luck with all his endeavours.

We also have to say goodbye to Dr. Stefanie Rottschäfer for a second time, as she will be leaving us for another position at the University in Dortmund - we loved having her back after her maternity leave. With her departure the FamiLingo project will also come to an end. 

Finally, we must wish a very fond farewell to the last OG of the Linguistics chair: Dr. Pawel Sickinger. He's been here since BAEL's beginning but now he gets to work on the project "A Pragmatic Profile of Namibian English (PraProNE): Exploring norms of communicative behaviour in a multilingual ecology" in Bielefeld.

We enjoyed working with all of you over the past years and while we are very sad to see so many of you leave, we wish you all the best for the future! Come back to visit us sometime!

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