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variational pragmatics

Variational pragmatics deals with how language use varies within one language as a result of macrosocial factors such as region, gender, age, ethnic identity and socioeconomic class. The field of study can be found at the interface of pragmatics and modern dialectology. An example research question would be "How do speakers of British English & Irish English offer?"
Variational pragmatics bibliography

BEIO (business english in international organisations)

Business English in International Organisations (BEIO) is a joint research project by Terry Haggerty of SAP and Bonn Applied English Linguistics. The partnership began in early 2012 with the aim of finding out about the difficulties related to using English as a lingua franca in multi-national organisations. Specifically, the project's research aims are to discover the difficulties that non-native English speakers experience when working in English. Further, we want to discover the effects of non-understanding and what native English speakers do to help understanding.

BEIO bibliography

small talk

What do people talk about when they talk just for the sake of talking? In how far do macrosocial factors influence our choice of topic and register? Various researchers have tried to answer these and similar questions with the help of empirical studies.
Small talk bibliography


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