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What the direct exchange of the University of Bonn has to offer:

  • Students can apply for a direct exchange for one or two semesters at partner universities in:

    • Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, China/ Hong Kong

  • Students will receive a partial Scholarship, i.e. an exemption from tuition fees.

  • Usually, students receive a one time grant funded by the means of the University. The sum of this grant is dependent on the means of the university which are available at the time (normally around 750€).

  • Please note that you should inform yourself about other ways of financing even before applying for a direct exchange, since many deadlines are set even before the application deadline for the direct exchange.

  • Some partner universities offer lodging in halls of residence.

  • Contact: Mirjana Josic - direktaustausch[at]

How to apply for a scholarship:

  • Deadlines vary depending on whether you want to study in Asia, Australia, Canada/USA, or in South America/ Israel. Those for the USA/Canada and those for Asia usually end around November. Therefore, it is crucial that you start thinking about whether you want to study abroad already in the beginning of the M.A. program. Have a look at the exact deadlines here.

  • First of all, you need to apply in the online portal during the application period (the link can be found here under "Online Bewerbung").

Additionally, you need to upload the following documents:

1. A letter of motivation

  • A text which should be no longer than two pages in total, written in English (except if you apply for a scholarship in Latin America, this needs to be written in German). Write about your motivation to study abroad and explain why you chose this specific country and specify your study intentions abroad (try not to generalise and lay down your personal motivations with regards to your studies). The text has to be written on this form. The letter of motivation is one of the most important documents, next to the reports and the Transcript of records.

2. Your CV

  • There is no fixed form for your CV, however, it should be written in a table form. It should not be longer than two pages, written in English, and the most recent event should be mentioned first.

3. Your transcript of records

  • This needs to include your grade average. If you are a first semester master student, a list of registered modules suffices. However, please do not try to convert your grades, keep them in the previous format of your transcript of records.

4. Proof of your language skills

  • Language requirements differ depending on the chosen partner university. They are specified by the partner universities in their portraits which you can find here. In any case, you will need to prove your language skills in the language instruction of your chosen partner university.

  • For some partner universities you will need to submit a TOEFL- Test (especially for partner universities in the USA, Canada and Asia. Expectations regarding the score vary among the partner universities). The results should be present at the time of the application. If they are not, it is necessary for you to prove that you have registered for the test at the time of application. However, the results absolutely need to be present at least one week before the selection interviews. Therefore, make sure you register for the test in time !

  • If no TOEFL Test is required by your partner university, you will still need to hand in the DAAD Nachweis, which you can get in the IAAK.

5. A certificate of enrollment (you can get this via Basis)

6. Your Bachelor certificate

7.Two reports by your lecturers

  • You are required to hand in two reports written by two of your lecturers which are required to hold at least a PhD. Reports by language lecturers only are not permitted. If you have only recently started to study at the University of Bonn for your Master program, you are allowed to hand in one report by a lecturer of your old university, however, the second one should be written by a lecturer of the University of Bonn. The reports need to be written in English. A special form (which can be found here) should be used, please remind your lecturer to use it. Reports by former lecturers of the University of Bonn are also permitted. The reports are allowed be handed in until one week after the application deadline. In case of longer delays please contact the responsible person.
  • The reports should either be given to you in a closed envelope that you hand in at the international office or your lecturer may send it to the international office himself.

Please note that.. 

  • You should be informed about the range of courses, the entry requirements and potential restrictions concerning your study area. You can find all this in the portraits of the corresponding partner universities.

  • You are applying for a specific region, not a specific university. However, you are strongly encouraged to choose three priorities in terms of partner universities. If you apply only for one single university and do not name any alternatives, this will limit your chances for a successful application.

Other criteria which are important for a successful application:

  • Good language skills in the language of instruction

  • Good or excellent academic performance

  • Personal motivation

  • Profound knowledge of the chosen country and the universities of choice (all three of them)

  • Extracurricular engagement

  • Autonomy and initiative shown

  • Engagement with your role as an "ambassador" of the University of Bonn and of Germany

  • Potential specific requirements of your chosen university

How to finance your semester abroad:


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